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Due to the unique, highly personalized, and comprehensive nature of my work, it is impossible to create a nutrition plan in one appointment. More than anything, I want my clients to be successful in reaching their genetic potential. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I will work closely with my clients to develop a personalized nutrition plan based on medical history, biochemical and toxicity profile, genetic makeup, age, and gender. For more information regarding appointment details, please call the office at 505-467-8817.

Initial Consultation:

(1.5 -2 hours)The Initial Consultation includes an intense review of the client’s medical, genetic, environmental, emotional/social and nutrition history, as well as a review of any available lab results. “Basically, I need to know everything about you”. Kathy will work with the client to identify the main health concerns, establish long and short-term health goals, and a plan of action. Your initial consult at Nutrition Solutions will include a body composition test with the BodyMetrix System. The BodyMetrix System uses ultrasound technology to accurately measure fat thickness and calculate body fat percentage and weight distribution. This information will help guide your nutrition program as well as track fat loss and muscle gain. From this consultation, additional labs and/or tests may be ordered which will be reviewed at the following appointment.

(30 min -1 hour)As Kathy works closely with each client to develop an individualized nutrition plan, this type of appointment is unique to each person. A discussion will take place regarding the client’s progress, a review of food records, clarification of lab results and/or supplementation schedule, and any further questions or concerns the client may have.

Test Result Visit:

Detailed (1 – 1.5 hours)
Complex (1.5 – 2 hours)This visit is a review of the client’s completed lab work. Prior to this consultation, Kathy will perform extensive research of the laboratory data. A personalized nutrition plan will be developed based on the lab results and history information provided at the initial consultation.

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Kathy is available for in person sessions at our beautiful, Sante Fe office location or phone consultations for out of area clients.

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