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Our Philosophy

Nutrition Solutions provides a comprehensive analysis of the body’s chemical, anatomical, and physiological profile. Based on data derived from a thorough history and laboratory studies, a nutrition program is implemented that is detailed and specific for each individual. The concept of a specific nutrition plan is based on the scientific fact that all human beings are genetically different. Environment, diet, psychological and physical stress, exercise, drugs, and many other factors influence the expression of this genetic potential. Through a program of specific foods and nutritional supplements, the genetic potential of the person is maximized and negative influences are reduced or eliminated.Conventional approaches to medical problems emphasize treating the established disease and its symptoms. Nutrition Solutions defines the unique characteristics of an individual and applies a program that can prevent deleterious events and reverse dangerous processes that will weaken the body’s defenses. The key to the success of this approach is to understand as much information as possible about the individual

nutrition by kathy philosophy
and instituting changes with defined end points. No two people can have the same approach to a problem or goal.
The assessment of an individual for a problem would consider such points as: age, sex, blood type, ethnicity, profession, medications, past illnesses, allergies, diet, psychological stress, drug use, overseas travel, genetic family problems, and lifestyle. Based on the history, appropriate biochemical and/or hormonal blood and urine laboratory studies are drawn. Depending on the complexity of the individual, other tests could be run on stool, saliva or hair. Only after accumulating a vast database is there an attempt to initiate a nutritional protocol. This protocol is unique to a specific person. What is good for one is not good for all. This differs dramatically from the widespread belief that certain nutrients, supplements, and foods are either universally beneficial or detrimental. Great care is taken to provide a balanced program that includes educating the individual about the risks of excessive herbs or supplements and the problems associated with fad diets.Most recently the nutritional sciences have been introduced to Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics looks at the effect of nutrition on a molecular and genetic level. Though few genes have been identified that can be altered through foods and supplements, the field is rapidly growing and research is now being conducted at major medical schools in the U.S. In the future, genetics will play an increasingly precise role in preventive healthcare.